Art Deco Office Furniture

The era of Art Deco is also known and the Gilded Age. It was a time of extraordinary progress, luxury, and the rapid development of business. Fortunes boomed during the era only to be lost in the Great Depression later. But during the boom time, faith in human progress and achievement was reflected in many areas of life, even in office furniture. 

Art Deco office furniture still emanates prestige and power to those who see it, even in simple pieces. Here are a few examples from our current collection.

art deco office furniture deskThis is a circa 1932 Art Deco desk from Belgium. It’s a small desk at 28 x 59 x 30, perfect for a home office. Note the feet of the desk. This is called a French foot base. The deep curve gives an impression of strength in the feet of the desk. Chrome detailing is around the top and the cabinets, and the piece is covered in a slate high-lacquer finish. 

Our current stock of chairs is are mostly suited for living rooms and dens. A solid black office chair would work well in any Art Deco-style office, preferably one that was from a high-class brand like Herman Miller. But if you wanted your visitors to rest in comfort, check out this armchair.

art deco office bar furnitureWhile it may be uncommon today in offices, sharing alcohol was a common thing to do among high-level executives. This is an example of a bar tray that could be found in an art deco office. The pieces of the bar tray are shaped to look like golden stalks of bamboo.




art deco office furniture chairThis is a modern French chair done in an Art Deco style. It features black upholstery, chrome-detailed swing armrests, and black lacquer finish. Lacquered furniture hit a high point during the Art Deco period. In an era of early electric lighting, having your furniture shine was a sign of luxury. 

Speaking of light, here is an example of an unusual desk lamp. This is a 1930’s art deco office furniture lamptorchiere desk lamp. It has brass detailing and a beautiful ivory finish. It is a rather large piece at 15” high and 11” wide, but it does make a striking statement.

Imagine having all of these pieces together in your office. Wouldn’t that be something? We invite you to look at all of our current Art Deco office furniture pieces we have currently in stock. There is sure to be something there that impresses. We also have several Mid-Century Modern and Bauhaus pieces as well.