Top 15 Art Deco Inspired Blogs

Art Deco continues to inspire people nearly 100 years after it was first revealed in France. The effects of this art period resonate throughout 20th century design. Today, we have a list of blogs that talks about Art Deco from different angles, and how it was used both in the time period and in today’s world.

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This is a great blog all about interior design, not just Art Deco. Sara Hakwisombe helps her visitors figure out their own unique interior design for their homes.



2 -


Art Deco wasn’t just a European or American art movement. It was a worldwide shift in how we thought about design. Shanghai Art Deco talks about the history and the modernity of Art Deco and how it is expressed in China.



3 -


Chic-Deco is a famous blogger from Spain (now living in Australia) that writes about design in all its forms. Come learn about the Spanish side of Art Deco through her posts.



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A side of design that many of us don’t consider is the design of retail spaces. These too can be done in an Art Deco style. You can find many examples at the Retail Design Blog.



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Yes, Art Deco also extended into the fashion of the times as well. Chronically Vintage explores the hobby of collecting and wearing vintage clothing of the early 20th century.



6 -


Art Deco design didn’t just extend into buildings and furniture. It also extended into small jewelry pieces as well. Find out more about this side of Art Deco at Deco Girl, a UK blog that’s quite fun to read.



7 -


Art Deco did start in France, and this French blog has a lot of good information about modern interpretations. Don’t read French? Google can translate it somewhat and the pictures need no explanation.



8 -


Decoration: Ancient and Modern is the musings of interior designer Thomas Jayne. It’s a rather personal blog, but he has fascinating posts, especially his House of Details series.

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Here’s a blogger that talks a lot about Art Deco finds. The Decorating Diva talks about interior and exterior design on her blog, has a lot of wonderful photos of Art Deco design from around the world.

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A popular European activity is to go on antique tours. Dedicated guides take you through a local area’s antique shops and explain the pieces. To get a taste of that, check out the posts on Antiques Diva.



11 -


Don’t knock it just because it’s a Tumblr blog. This blog has a wonderful showcase of all sorts of Art Deco-era materials, from short movies to jewelry, illustration, fashion, and furniture. If you just want to dive directly and experience the art form, this is a good place to visit.

12 -


Of course we also need a blog from one of the best art history sites on the web! covers all of art history. Do a search on Art Deco or Art Nouveau (the predecessor to Art Deco that inspired it) and you’ll turn up quite a lot.



13 -


Finally, here is a blog that talks about the history of the Roaring Twenties. Any art movement is intimately wrapped up with historical trends. If you know the history you can appreciate the art that much more!

14 -

This blog is the heart of Wentworth Studio, and they cover all types of furnishing and architecture styles, including the Art Deco style.  It has excellent descriptions of a lot of art styles, providing great information and visuals about in-progress projects.



15 -

Kate, Jim and the gang serve up some mid-century modern on this blog.  They’ve got renovation on their minds, making sure that you keep the mid-century modern on yours.  Check out their couch renovation - it’s super-duper.



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