Art Deco Antiques Opening "Le Deco Style" in Miami, FL

Le Deco Style Store Miami FloridaToday we want to share some exciting news about Art Deco Antiques. We're creating a brand-new store in the heart of one of America's most Art Deco-influenced cities, Miami! The store is currently under construction, but we do have a pop-up store at the Red Gallerie until it is complete.

Miami's most famous Art Deco region is the South Beach area of Miami Beach. Many classic buildings still survive from the era there, and most have been restored thanks to the efforts of the Miami Design Preservation League. It is now a major tourist attraction. But Miami's Design district is another up-and-coming area near Miami's Midtown. That is where we'll be opening our our new store.

Miami's history is tied up deeply with the Art Deco period. During the early 1900s, the entire area was still wetlands from the Everglades. Enterprising architects and developers decided to transform this area into playground for the rich, especially on the island that South Beach is on. Despite setbacks from hurricanes, the art deco districts continued to thrive all the way into the 1950s and 1960s.

Yet after that time, the prominence of these cultural treasures started to fade. Crime increased and many of the the buildings fell into disrepair. But the popularity of shows like Miami Vice and the efforts of the MDPL have now put Miami back on the map as a center of art and architecture.

The Design district has undergone a similar transformation. The location used to be an industrial section full of low-rise warehouses. These have been converted into a number of art galleries, retail spaces, and eateries. It is still undergoing major construction as new shops like ours get ready to open. There are currently over 130 businesses operating in the district, which lies near the many major neighborhoods in the city.

The area hopes to become a national center for the arts and fashion, full of high-end retailers and high-class restaurants. We're excited to be part of this booming sector of Miami's economy and arts culture. Once we open, you'll find many of the pieces you see on our website on display. Our staff will help you with any questions about history, provenance, or care of any of our fabulous Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern pieces. Watch this space for information about our full opening, and visit the Red Gallerie to get a sneak peek of what we have to offer.